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Best scores

Best of the year, 2018

Mens Gross - 67 - Ash Smith - 28th January

Mens Nett - 58 - Steve Law - 30th September

Womens Gross - 79 - Denise Goile - 22nd March

Womens Nett - 59 - Addy Nieremeijer - 30th September

Best of November

Mens Gross - 67 - Scott Law  - 6th November

Mens Nett - 61 - Ross Scown , Garry Bowman 15 November

Womens Gross -

Womens Nett - 

Latest News and Results


Andrew Parsons won best overall gross with a 3 over 75

Best Netts

Senior - Dean Scott 66

Intermediate - Phillip Eyre 64

Junior - David Peryer 66

Ladies - Eileen Blackwood 74



Derek Boyle 39,Matt Carson 39,Andrew Johnston 37,Kevin Appleby 37, Tyne Watts 37,Alex Cruickshank 37,Conrad Salisbury 36 Carl Miezenbeck 36.


Jack Hjorth 44,Hans Nieremeijer 41,Brendan Close 41,Howard Wynyard 41,Doug Grantham 39,Bill Fox 39,Daryl Baty 38,Kerry Newson 37


Dave Lamb 42,Don Matson 41,Jim Dunn 40,Jonathon Makuch 40,Bruce Goile 39,Paul Davie 39,Barry Fordham 38,Linc Quarrie 38,Brian Duffy 38


Paula McFarlane 33,Addy Nieremeijer 33,Emma Yarndley 33,Andrea Vale 32, Di Stockdale 32.

Longest Drives Senior - Carl Miezenbeck

Intermediate - Ross Signal

Junior - Stu Yarndley

Ladies - Emma Yarndley

Closest to Pin

Senior - Gary Russo

Intermediate - Phillip Eyre

Junior - Jonathan Makuch

Ladies - Di Stockdale


Conrad Salisbury,Garry Bowman,Andrew Parsons,Gary Russo,Phillip Eyre  


2 December 2018

Tray Parkes Trophy and Race to 500 Final.


The Race to $500 winners were found.

1st - Ron Cogswell $500

2nd- Jack Hjorth $150

3rd- Scott Law $100

4th- Derek Boyle $70

Thank you to Kumar Holdings for sponsoring this year long contest.

The Tray Parkes Trophy is a nett competition for men and ladies.

Mens Winner - Phillip Eyre 66

Ladies Winner - Denise Goile 73

Scramble on Nett


Philip Eyre 66 Ken Bardsley 67 Kevin Appleby 68 Steve Law 70 Jack Hjorth 71 Dave Seager 72 Doug Grantham 72


Dave Lamb 68 Paul Davie 69 Charlie Coles 69 Ron Cogswell 70 Ross Scown 70 Barry Cavey 72 Ray Shaw 72 Grant Morgan 72 Denise Goile 73 Linda Morgan 74


Charlie Coles (and a birdie Junior Jackpot $200)

Scott Law Barry Cavey

Closest to Pin - Dave Seager

Longest Putt - Terry Charlesworth



Derek Boyle wins Bainbridge Rosebowl.


The heavens opened but this did not deter Derek Boyle from shooting 46 stableford points and winning the Bainbridge Rosebowl 8/6 over Kevin Appleby.

The Race to 500 was postponed to next week.


Derek Boyle 46 Ken Bardsley 39 John McCormick 38 Kevin Appleby 36 Dave Lamb 35 Barry Cavey 32

Twos - Derek Boyle

Longest Putt - Hans Nieremeijer

Closest to Pin - Barry Cavey.

AGM this Sunday 9.30am followed by Tray Parkes Trophy and closed christmas tournament


Semi Final Bainbridge Rosebowl

Last 4 decided for the Race to 500

Derek Boyle had to go down the 19th hole to beat Garry Russo.

Derek will face off against Kevin Appleby who accounted for Ken Bardsley 3/2.

The race to 500 dropped off another 4 players this week. This leaves Scott Law - Ron Cogswell - Jack Hjorth and Derek Boyle to battle out the final of the race to 500 next week.

Scramble Results.


Bill Fox 41 Brent Keene 41 Derek Boyle 41 Hans Nieremeijer 40 Murray Barclay 40 Gary Russo 39 Jack Hjorth 39 Kevin Appleby 39


Grant Morgan 43 Ray Shaw 42 Barry Fordham 42 Terry Charlesworth 41 Don Matson 40 Ron Cogswell 40 Dave Lamb 39 Pat Ryan 38 Rob Brettell 37

Twos Jack Dunn (2) Jackpot $8.50 Bill Fox

Longest Putt - Gary Russo

Closest to Pin - Terry Charlesworth



11 November Club Day


Scoring was so hot today 40 points did not collect in the senior division. Both Gary Russo and Rob Taylor shot 76's for 45 points each.

Runner up was Phillip Eyre with 44

Jack Hjorth 43 Garry Bowman 41 Derek Boyle 41 Kevin Appleby 41


Dick Thomas 45 Ron Cogswell 44 David Peryer 43 Barry Fordham 41 Don Matson 40 Kevin Knickson 39 TC 39 Grant Clow 38 Barry Cavey 38

Twos Bill Fox (2) Senior Jackpot $21.00

Dick Thomas

Don Matson

Gary Russo

Long Putt - Ray Shaw

Closest to Pin - Gary Russo

Bainbridge Rosebowl

Gary Russo beat Scott Law 6/5

Derek Boyle beat Garry Bowman 1 up

Ken Bardsley beat Hans Nieremeijer 2/1

Kevin Appleby beat Don Matson 3/2

Semi finals next week Race to 500 last 8 reduced to last 4 next week.  

4 November: Bainbridge Rosebowl Round 1

Round 1 of the Bainbridge Rosebowl took place on Sunday. Results were:

Gary Russo won by default over Kevin Nickson


Kevin Appleby played in the windy conditions that prevailed on Sunday. His 42 stableford points were 2 better than the next best in both divisions.





Longest Putt:

Closest to Pin:

28 October: Te Awamutu Sports Hockey Club Tournament

A good number of golfers (and non-golfers) turned out for the annual hockey club tournament.After some overnight rain fine weather prevailed for excellent conditions and good scoring.

Division 1:


  • Scott Law; 72


  • Dean Scott; 64


  • Rob Taylor 44

  • John McCormick, Garry Bowman , C Cavanagh, Jeff Rendall, Ken Bardsley; 40

  • A Lowe, Kevin Appleby, Gary Russo; 40

  • Phillip Eyre, John Irving, Howard Wynyard 39

Division Two


  • Hans Nieremeijer; 85


  • Bob Coleman 62


  • David Peryer, Terry Charlesworth, 43

  • Dean Gray, Dave Lamb, 42

  • Rowan Moorhouse, 41

  • Grant Clow; 40

  • Ray Davies, Greg Te Huia; 39

  • Dennis Morgan, Jack Hjorth, Ross Scown, Alan Ford; 37



  • Ani Bahler; 94


  • Addy Nieremeijer; 71


  • Elaine Troutbeck

  • Eugene Weimer

  • Raewyn Coleman

  • Denise Goile

  • Cindy Dearing

  • Karen Campton

  • Sally Davies

  • Christine Lloyd

  • Alma Goodwin

  • Rewa Hawira

  • Toni Coleman


  • Adam Ryburn

  • Rob Taylor

  • John Irving

  • Gary Russo

  • Hans Nieremeijer

21 October: Grant Clow Aces 13th

Grant Clow was the toast of Pirongia Golf Club on Sunday when he aced the 13th hole. Well done Grant!

Sunday Scramble:

WIth the winter conditions now well gone, placing was reduced to own fairways again. As expected, the scoring has taken a bit of a hit, although Kevin Nickson and Barry Cavey didn't get that memo. Their socres of 48 and 46 points respectively easily accounted for the major prizes in the junior division. Rob Taylor and Kevin Appleby took out the senior division with far less flair. THey both scored 43 points.

Results (Stableford):






Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:


14 October: Blind Drawn Pairs

Today was a blind drawn pairs stableford competition. The winning pair was Pat Ryan and Ken Bardsley with a combined 80 stableford points. Three other pairs put together 74 points.

Results (Combined Stableford):


Longest Putt:

Closest to Pin:

7 October: Brent Keene racks up 50 stableford points.

Following on from Steve Law and his 50 points last week Brent Keene shot an even par 72 off the stick on a 14 handicap to aquire 50 points and win the senior scramble.

Regular visitor Riverside's Doug Grantham played well for 45 to be second.

Grant Morgan with 45 headed the juniors.

Scramble Results (Stableford):



Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:


30 September: Pitchford Trophy Final

Charlie Coles and John McCormick are the 2018 Pitchford Trophy Champions. In a very closely fought out final, Coles and McCormick overcame Derek Boyle and Hans Nieremeijer 1 up.


Steve Law decided that it was time to play good golf for the first time in a while and left the field in his dust by scoring 50 points. After proudly bringing up a ton at Te Awamutu on Tuesday, 17 handicapper, Law went to the other extreme and shot 75 off the stick. Dave Seager was the next best with 44 points followed by Scott Law. Scott Law posted his second consecutive under par round with a tidy 68.

Addy Nieremeijer didn't want to have to drive Hans home and posted 50 points to ensure that wouldn't happen, Her score just happened to win the junior division also. Charlie Coles played well for 44 points for second with Paul Davie one point back on 43.

Scramble Results (Stableford)





Closest to the pin

Longest Putt


23rd September: Pitchford Trophy Semi Finals

Another beautiful Spring day greeted the semi-finalists of the Pitchford Trophy on Sunday. Charlie Coles and partner John McCormick took on Rob Taylor and Brent Keene in the first semi and came up trumps. Coles was the difference here recording a 66 nett. The other semi-final was a close affair. Hans Nieremeijer and Derek Boyle took the honours on the 18th hole over Phillip Eyre and Paul Davie. On the 18th Hole, Hans Nieremeijer hit the approach of the day on 18 to 5 feet. This put the pressure on Davie, the only other player that could halve the hole with a birdie. He couldn't find the inspiration however and the match was taken by Nieremeijer and Boyle.

Goodwright Contracting Scramble

The members of Pirongia Golf Club would like to thank Goodwright Contracting for sponsoring todays scramble.

Scoring was a lot better in the Junior division than the seniors today. Many of the seniors found the dry and hard greens unreceptive and with many pins cut near the front, it was hard to stop an approach near the pins. Barry Fordham excelled in the conditions however, scoring a wopping 47 points and cleaning out the junior division by 5 points. Three players, Dave Peryer, Ian Grey and Charlie Coles all tied for 2nd.

Scott Law found some magic on the 18th hole to seal the senior scramble honours. He put his tee shot through the green and then chipped in for a eagle 2 and finished with 40 points. Kevin Appleby and Derek Boyle were tied for 2nd on 38 points.

Scramble Results (Stableford)




Closest to the Pin:

Longest Putt:

16th September: Pitchford Trophy Round 1

With only 8 pairs entered into the Pirchford Trophy this year, the shortened competitionstarted today. Rob Taylor and Brent Keene were to consistent and were able to comfortably beat Scott Law and Ben Vincent 4 and 2. They will meet Charlie Coles and John McCormick in the semi-final after Coles and McCormick took care of Kevin Nickson and Dave Lamb. The other semi final will see Phillip Eyre and Paul Davie meet Derek Boyle and Hans Nieremeijer. Eyre and Davie beat Gary Bowman and Tyne Watts while Boyle and Nieremeijer beat Barry Cavey and Terry Charlesworth.


Ray Shay came out of hibernation with a rush today. Playing for the first time since March, he proceeded to rack up 45 points to win the Junior scramble. Kevin Nickson wasn't far behind with 43 points and Jack Hjorth was 3rd with 42 points. Gary Russo continied his good form of late to win the senior scramble with 41 points from steve Law on 39 and John McCormick on 38.

Scramble Results (Stableford):





Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:

9th September: Scott Law Completes Triple Double.

Scott Law has completd the triple double (strope play, match play champion) today after winning the Pirongia Golf Clubs Match Play Champs.

After postponement last Sunday, the weather was a treat today but a strengthening winds made conditions trickey. Law jumped out to a 5 up lead in the opening fron 9 after shooting a 3 under total of 33. Dave Seager had no answer for Laws efforts. Both players then struggled on the back nine but wins on the 17th and 18th saw Seager cut Law's lead to 3 up.

After lunch, Seager continued to claw himself back into the match and after 27 holes Law's lead was down to 1. The back nine continued in the same vain with Law opening doors and Seager taking advantage. Seager won both the 29th and 30th to take the lead for the first time. The pair traded holes on the 31st and 32nd before Law made birdie on the 33rd to level the scores. Law then made a good 8 foot putt on the 34th to keep the match all square. Pars on the 35th saw both players headong down 18 all square.

An agressive drive by Law down 18 left him 30 meters short of the green. Seager went more conservative and had 100 meters to the pin but had to avoid the tree 20 meters ahead. Unfortunately, Seager pulled the shot slightly and it caught the tree, essentially ending the match then and there. Law calmly chipped and putted out for a par to win 1 up.

The intermediate champion is Rob Taylor after he dominated his match against Phillip Eyre. After 18 holes, Taylor was comfortable at 5 up. Eyre tried valliantly and cut the lead to 3 after 27 holes but couldn't improve on that and eventually went down 4 and 3.

Don Matson won the Junior division after Dave Strawbridge had to default with a back problem. Ross Scown beat Terry Charlesworth 2 and 1 to take out the Junior B division.

Scramble Results:

Senior (Par):

Junior (Par):


Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:

2nd September: Match Play Finals Postponed

Due to the forcast weather, a good early call was made to postpone the match play finals unti the 9th September. Initially, the weather held off, but about 10:00 the heaven opened and steady rain persisted for the morning. 

Fifteen hardy soles turned out anyway and managed to play nine holes before play was discontinued. In the conditions, the scoring was still very good. Addy Nieremeijer was the best with 22 points ahead of five others on 21.

Scramble Results (Stableford):


Longest Putt:

Closest to the Pin:

Drone Flyover of 1st hole.

I am slowly in the process of adding flyovers of the holes to "The Course" page. To see an example of what it may look like click here to see the first hole.

Presidents Welcome


Hello and welcome to the Pirongia Golf Club website. We hope that its contents are of value, whether you intend being a casual visitor or a potential club member.

Most clubs have a characteristic or two which sets them apart from other clubs and Pirongia is no exception. An obvious feature is the background setting of Mount Pirongia with its tidy, pastured,lower slopes, contrasting against the bush clad upper reaches. The close proximity to the bush provides, particularly during the spring months, an abundance of tui, as well as smaller numbers of kaka (NZ native parrot) and kereru, our native pigeon. Additional to this, the Waipa River and its tributary, the Mangapiko Stream, enhance the view from parts of the course.

Making the Pirongia Golf Club unique is the race track, integrated into the course, which is used once a year for the well known Pirongia Boxing Day races. The transformation of the golf course to a race track, with attendances of up to 10,000 people, and then back to a golf course, with just over one days play unavailable, bears testimony to another invaluable characteristic of Pirongia ... a great spirit of co-operation and voluntary help. It is this which also enables the golf club to keep the course in a neat and tidy condition, whilst maintaining very low costs of membership.

Should your visit coincide with our club day and our usual tee-off times, please make yourself known to the starting official who will arrange a playing group for you. Your presence is most welcome and we wish you an enjoyable round.

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